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Results not seen, Focus your attention!

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

The steps I take, were will they lead

The tighter I hold, the more it slips free

Visions of change, arise in my mind

The answer I seek, not available to me

Not seeing the results can be very demotivating for us, especially when we are trying to transform our bodies. Many people can feel overwhelmed by the task ahead and change can appear to take time, after all we are all told to think big, take massive action, and aim for the stars. But many of us experience speed bumps along the journey and that big goal can then seem so big that it triggers a response in us, and then the critical voice in our head starts to speak up. Look at the picture of the steps below, no one has ever approached a set of steps and thought that the way to get to the top would be one big jump, we understand its one step at a time. Yet when it comes to transforming our bodies, we crave that one jump shortcut. This need of course is now amplified by marketers selling the one jump solution to most problems today, and the fitness and nutrition industry is rife with these shortcuts, hacks, and promises of faster results.

"People who suffer a lot, often times do so, because they are cognitively wrong about what they think they have a right to expect".Abraham H. Maslow.

Now, could you "BE" a person who engages with the world in way that would glean the results that you have in sight. What would a person need to be like to get rid of that body fat, build that muscle or feel healthy. Notice I say "BE" not "DO", often when we do things there is an expectation that if I do X i will get Y. Are you hitting the gym or the road run and doing the activity trying to get through it? with the hope of stepping onto the scales or looking in the mirror and seeing a change. If the answer is yes, then maybe you lack of results requires a new approach in how you think about you and how you use your mind.

"Comparison is the thief of Joy" Theodore Roosevelt.

When we look at change in ourselves we are often comparing our results to others. Consciously we know that we should focus on us and what we are doing, yet most peoples beliefs about what they can really achieve is not in alignment with the goal, vision, or dream. Deep down that voice isn't the place where we really believe if we can achieve this big goal. So when we say "Yes I get that, I should compare myself to me not others", these may be the right words, but words don't respond to the alarm clock when you tell yourself that you will get up and go for that run, words don't reach for water instead of soda, and words won't wait patiently for the flower to bloom. An Idea or a concept however will move us up the steps of success without craving for the finish line, for example when you have the idea that you are a development person who has a growth mindset then this way of being will drive you to behaviours and habits that will help you achieve your results . Remember results are achieved through consistent habits and behaviours and a growth mindset.

Think of a behaviour that everyday you engage in without any conscious thinking e.g. showering, brushing your teeth, making a coffee etc. You do these simple things everyday they require no are internalised, reflexive, part of your way of being. What if you were to BE a person who engaged in the world as a transformer of ones own habits and behaviour, the one who is excited about the process of change, and not change itself. You see knowing that you can transform and change is easy, finding a method or technique to change is easy. Whats not easy for people is to keep believing that you will change or to have faith that the diet or workout plan that they are undertaking will pay off.

When you use energy up on desiring, wanting, or expecting, you no longer have that energy available to take the next step. The next time you start to feel frustrated by the results you have achieved, focus instead on the fact that your taking steps forward. Let go of the need to see results, focus on your habits and behaviours, and the results won't just arise in your mind but also in the mirror. MINDX

I developed MindX services so that I could help people achieve results by using the natural processes of the hypnotic mind. If you would like to know more, please get in touch via the contact details below.

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