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Sports Performance Mind Coaching


The accomplishments of athletes who have used hypnosis to better their game is one of the main reasons sports hypnosis is one of the fastest-growing fields in Sports Performance Mind Coaching.

In sport, your results depend crucially on your ability to use your mind effectively.  Maybe you're a professional athlete looking to gain the crucial edge? or somebody who wants to achieve a personal best (PB). Your mindset determines the degree of success and fulfillment you achieve from your sport.



Did you know? 


Felix Baumgartner jumped to Earth from a helium balloon from the stratosphere in 2012 landing in New Mexico, he set world records for skydiving an estimated 24 miles reaching a top speed of 843.6 mph. He became the first person to break the sound barrier. 

Felix said:

Having this suit on my body and feeling it, and the smell of the rubber made me anxious,” 

So anxious, that he took a year off training, returned to his home in Austria and had hypnotherapy to help him prepare mentally for the challenge.

Eddie Hall broke the world deadlift record lifting 500 kgs in 2016. Eddie has recently revealed that he used a Hypnotherapist to assist him in creating a mindset to break the record.

Olympic gold champion skater Dorothy Hamill utilized hypnosis to help her become an Olympic and World champion.


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